Plum Wood Barbecue Chips

Provident Plum BBQ Wood Chips

Provident Plum BBQ Wood

Plum wood is a great wood smoke on almost all meats but is especially good on most white or pink meats, including chicken, turkey, pork and fish. Plum wood smoke tastes like a milder and sweeter version of apple wood and hickory. Great wood for mixing to give a bit of a sweeter taste to ribs.

Provident Plum’s BBQ Smoking Wood Chips are great for use in all sorts of smokers, including stove top smokers, bullet smokers and vertical smokers. Many BBQ experts note that using plum wood chips in gas grills gives the meat an extra burst of flavor. Use Provident Plum’s BBQ Smoking Wood Chips at your next cookout. Your tastebuds (and your friends) will want to know more about your grill master certificate.

There are many types of wood chips or chunks to choose from when smoking or grilling meat. Hickory, oak, and mesquite typically are the most popular due to their distinctive flavor and availability. These woods typically are soaked and then used as a flavoring tool. Professional BBQ teams are now trying different types of wood in order to keep their edge on the competition. Plum wood gives the same amount of good smoke as traditional flavoring wood, yet there is no need to wet the wood with water ahead of use. Plum wood chunks are held together by the bark skin, which has a ton of flavor, and it helps to retain the water in the chunk longer than a typical shredded chip. It is true that plum wood does not keep more than 6 months or so without loss of flavor. That is the reason twe fill each order with 2 day old fresh cut wood from fruit bearing trees.

We prefer plum smoke on venison, beef, pork ribs, pork butts and even chicken wings. Plum wood has a distinctive yet milder flavor than other traditional smoking woods. If you enjoy experimenting while you grill, give this a try whether gas or charcoal. Use tinfoil to wrap 5-6 chunks of plum wood, poke a 10-12 holes in the package with a screw driver or chop stick, and place package in a corner of the grill away from the highest heat. This one-pouch method works for about 2-3 short grilling cycles using direct heat, such as steaks or venison tenderloins.  Your guests will thank you!

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